Frequently asked questions about The Martian Legion


Epic adventure in the grandest ERB tradition!


Q: Is the book offered for sale here a pre-order that has not yet been published?

No. The books, display boxes, and custom-minted coins that make up the various collectible editions of The Martian Legion have already been produced and all editions are available for sale. Orders will normally ship within 2 business days.

Q: What is The Martian Legion: In Quest of Xonthron?

When Edgar Rice Burroughs died in 1950 at the age of 75, the last entry in his writer’s notebook was, “Started Xonthron.”

What was Xonthron? A new novel? A short story idea? A thorough search of all ERB’s papers failed to produce an answer.

And so, through these many years fans were left to wonder.

Until now.

The Martian Legion: In Quest of Xonthron is the book Edgar Rice Burroughs might well have written had he lived a few more years.  And even though that greatest of story tellers has been gone from us for more than half a century, you will find his hand and spirit very much alive in this book.

A book more than ten years in the making, Russ Cochran Publishing brings it to you now in a magnificent leather-bound limited first edition. As you will see, no expense was spared in the making of this book.  It is the grandest ERB book ever published, and at a quarter of a million words, it is epic in scale.

No one can match the creative magic of the master, but we believe The Martian Legion comes close. The story, which brings John Carter and Tarzan together for the first time, features a cast of characters both familiar and new, sharing a grand adventure spanning space and time.

Q: What are the prices of the various editions?

$15,000 #1-3 Worldbuilder Platinum Edition 
$7,000 #4-21 Legion Members & Jeddaks Gold Edition 
$1,200 #22-100 Warriors of Barsoom Silver Edition 
$300  #101-1,100 Wonders of Barsoom Bronze Edition
$200 Friends of Barsoom Edition (no box or coin)

A layaway option to pay via four monthly payments is available for selection during the checkout process. If you are interested in purchasing a Platinum, Gold, or Silver level book but require layaway terms longer than four months, please email customerservice@themartianlegion.com or call 512-240-2802 to discuss your needs.    

Q: I cannot afford the current edition. Will you publish a less expensive version?

There are as yet no concrete plans for a cheaper mass market printing, although we hope to publish a mass market edition in the future.

Q: Do you ship internationally?


Q: What payment methods do you accept?

Our online checkout takes payment via credit card. However, we can also receive payment via check, money order, PayPal, and bank wire. If you'd like to pay for your order with a payment method other than credit card, or need to discuss a longer term layaway schedule, please email customerservice@themartianlegion.com or call 512-240-2802.