Golden Lion

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Golden Lion Award

At the annual Edgar Rice Burroughs Dum-Dum banquet on Saturday, August 22, 2015, in Clinton, Connecticut, Jake Saunders, author of The Martian Legion, received the Golden Lion Award from the Burroughs Bibliophiles. Making the presentation on behalf of the Bibliophiles was Joan Bledig.

In making the presentation, Ms. Bledig said:

“The story Jake Saunders tells in The Martian Legion was conceived when Jake promised his young son a tale in which Tarzan meets John Carter. Years later, he wrote that story, honing it into the magnificent epic we have today. The Martian Legion is not just a story. It is a publishing concept that presents a total cerebral, tactile, and visual presence. It is a labor of love and gives life to an idea—the meeting of Tarzan and John Carter—an idea that Edgar Rice Burroughs himself was unable to accomplish. Scott Tracy Griffin tells us that Burroughs gave up on putting his two major literary creations together because Ed felt doing justice to both in one story was unworkable.
“Jake Saunders gives us that tale in an alternate universe where Ed is actually part of the saga. And Jake doesn't just give us a story. He gives us a book full of magnificent illustrations. The Martian Legion is a Bibliophile's dream come true, a treasure to rival the finest diamond, ruby, or emerald.
“Mr. Saunders's story, together with the book’s lavish rendering—complete with a Martian coin, a stock certificate, and a presentation box—pleases and astounds anyone who sees the final product. Jake and his dedicated team have created a masterpiece worthy of inclusion in any fine art museum. Saunders's devotion to Edgar Rice Burroughs and his literary creations, coupled with his artistic vision, has resulted in a book that will remain an item of beauty and desire in the publishing world.
“In recognition of his efforts and his devotion to promoting interest in the works, creations, and life of Edgar Rice Burroughs, The Burroughs Bibliophiles awards its highest professional honor, The Golden Lion, to Jake Saunders.”

Joan Bledig is currently Mistress of the Mailing List for the Burroughs Bibliophiles. 
She was awarded a lifetime membership for service to the organization in 1994, and
received the ERB Lifetime Achievement award at the 2004 Dum-Dum in Fort Collins, Colorado.


Previous Golden Lion award winners

1. Mrs. J. Allen St. John (1962, Chicago) 
2. Joan & James H. Pierce (1965, Chicago) 
3. Hulbert Burroughs (1966, Cleveland) 
4. Hal Foster (1967, New York City) 
5. Frank Frazetta (1967, New York City) 
6. Russ Manning (1968, Oakland, CA) 
7. John Coleman Burroughs (1968, Oakland, CA) 
8. William Juhre (1969, St. Louis, MO) 
9. Sam Moskowitz )1960, St. Louis, MO) 
10. Philip Jose Farmer (1970, Detroit, MI) 
11. Frank E. Schoonover (1970, Detroit) 
12. Johnny Weissmuller (1971, Boston) 
13. Herman Brix (1972, Los Angeles) 
14. Burne Hogarth (1972, Los Angeles) 
15. Buster Crabbe (1973, Toronto) 
16. Vernell Coriell (1973, Toronto) 
17. Joe Kubert (1974, Washington, D.C.) 
18. Rex Maxon (1974, Washington, D.C.) 
19. Jock Mahoney (1976, Kansas City) 
20. Leigh Brackett (1977, Miami Beach) 
21. James H. Pierce (1978, Phoenix) 
22. Boris Vallejo (1980, Baltimore) 
23. Michael Whelan (1983, Denver) 
24. Denny Miller (1982, Chicago) 
25. Don Wohlheim (1982, Chicago) 
26. Jack Williamson (1983, Baltimore) 
27. Forrest J. Ackerman (1983, Baltimore) 
28. Mrs. Rex Maxon (1984, Baltimore) 
29. Danton Burroughs (1985, Louisville) 
30. Ian Ballantine (1985, Louisville) 
31. Erling B. Holtsmark (1989, Chicago) 
32. Bob Abbett (1991, Tarzana) 
33. Bob Zeuschner (1992, Louisville) 
34. Don Kraar (1992, Louisville) 
35. John Eric Holmes (1993, Willows, CA) 
36. David Fury (1994, Louisville) 
37. Joe Jusko (1995, Rutland, VT) 
38. Harlan Ellison (1996, Tarzana) 
39. Gordon Scott (1997, Newton, IA) 
40. Gabe Essoe (1998, Baltimore) 
41. Bob Barrett (1999, Hollywood) 
42. Johnny Sheffield (2000, Grand Rapids, MI) 
43. Steve Hawkes (2001, Tampa) 
44. Joe Lansdale (2002, Bryan, TX) 
45. Thomas Yeates (2004, Ft. Collins, CO) 
46. Max Allan Collins (2005, Chicago) 
47. Matt Cohen (2006, Rockville, MD) 
48. Richard Hescox (2007, Louisville) 
49. Jack Bender (2008, Waterloo, IA) 
50. George McWhorter (2010, Chicago, IL) 
51. Thomas Floyd (2010, Chicago, IL) 
52. Al and Allison Bohl (Tarzana, CA) 
53. Ron Ely (Tarzana, CA) 
54. ERB Inc. (Tarzana, CA - individual glass Golden Lion paperweights for Jim Sullos, Janet Mann, Cathy Wilbanks, and Willie Jones)  
55. Jane Goodall (Tarzana, CA) 
56. Jim Morris (Tarzana, CA Mars Globe) 
57. Casper Van Dien (Tarzana, CA) 
58. Jim Gerlach; Jake Saunders (Clinton, CN)